Group Wari(Discount Service)

Group Wari is a discount service which provides a discounted monthly service charge for applications for 2 or 3 lines to be used in one group.
You will be contacted by a NTT West representative via telephone or e-mail after applying for the discount when you apply online, as there are two kinds of discount plans: the "Minna Waribiki Plan" and the "Matomete Waribiki Plan".

Those who are already using "FLET’S Hikari" can apply through "CLUB NTT-West".

Services eligible for discounts

FLET’S Hikari Next

  • Family Super High Speed Type Hayabusa / Family High Speed Type / Family Type
  • Mansion Super High Speed Type Hayabusa / Mansion High Speed Type / Mansion Type

FLET’S Hikari Light

  • Family Type/Mansion Type

(all internet access services)

Users eligible for discounts

Users who have applied for this discount while using services eligible for discounts under their own name, who have 2 or 3 lines in their group

  • Please designate one line to be the primary line upon making a new application.
  • Services eligible for discounts are limited to by customers who are using services under their own names (even if their name is on the account, lines used primarily for business are not eligible for discounts).
  • "FLET’S Hikari" offered by NTT East is not eligible for these discounts.
  • One line cannot belong to multiple groups at the same time (even when no discount is applied from the Matomete Waribiki Plan).
  • Application from the contract holder of the primary line must be made after receiving consent from all other members who hold contracts for sub-lines for new applications, applications to add a member in the group, or applications for changes in discount plans. We may contact contract holders for sub-lines in order to verify application.
  • If the holder of the primary line cancels this discount, the discount for holders of sub-lines will also be cancelled.
  • This discount will be cancelled when service is changed to a service that is not eligible for discounts, when moving to an area where the discounted service is not offered (including the East Japan Area and overseas transfers) or when name changes (transference / succession) occur.
  • This discount can be applied in combination with "Hikari Hajime Wari" and "FLET’S Atto Waribiki."
  • Discounts are made in accordance to this discount's contract status at the end of the month. This discount cannot be applied in the cancellation month.
  • If the discount starts in the middle of the month, the discount for that month will be calculated prorated on a daily basis usage charge. However, as "FLET’S Hikari Light" is charged according to the usage volume, discounts are not calculated on days.
  • Discounts for the Matomete Waribiki plan will be applied from the 1st of the following month when adding to the group members.

Discount Plans and Discounted Amounts*1

You can select one of plans.

Minna Waribiki Plan ¥330 off
monthly service charges per line of the group subscriber*1
Matomete Waribiki Plan*2 For 2 lines: ¥660 off
monthly service charges of the primary line of the group *1
For 3 lines: ¥990off
monthly service charges of the primary line of the group*1
  1. "FLET’S Hikari Light" charge will be a discount from the upper limit amount. This discount will not be applied if the users’ fees for transmission do not surpass the minimum fee.
  2. There is no discounted amount for lines other than the primary line of the group.

For application and inquiries regarding the service

0120-064-337 0120-064-337

Languages offered: English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean

Service hours:
9:00AM~5:00PM, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, year-end and New Year's holidays 12/29~1/3

You can call us from cellular telephones as well. Please verify the telephone number you have entered before calling.


Please select your language, following the automated voice guidance.

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Amount of charges / cancellation fees are after tax unless otherwise noted.